Residential and commercial concrete structures differ from each other in various ways. For instance, code structures (handicap accessibility, fire safety etc.) required for commercial buildings are more stringent than residential structures; several commercial buildings have modified bitumen roofs or metal roofs, whereas residential structures usually have shingle roofs. Finishes in commercial structures are also quite different than residential concrete structures, one requires acoustical ceilings whereas the other requires drywall ceilings.

Well, to put it in clear terms, the list of differences between these structures is pretty long. It’s only logical that if there are these many difference between structures then their repair works would also be pretty different.

Commercial Repair Work

Commercial concrete buildings are mostly multi-storied buildings. A common point of concern with commercial concrete structures is that the floors have troubles caused by moisture transmission via capillaries or hydrostatic pressure that require being fixed, due to this reason the floors develop spalling, cracks and other damages. Such problems are not merely limited to a single floor of the commercial building.

Another trouble that occurs with commercial building’s floors is that concrete floor restoration often requires being ground off from the top surface in order to remove the glue that after a period of time settles into the pores of the concrete.

Residential Repair Work

Residential concrete repair work doesn’t consume as much time and capital as compared to commercial concrete repair work. A major residential repair work (foundation repair) that shows up as a small (most of the times as insignificant) glitch but keeps getting worse if left unattended. If problems related to foundations are completely overlooked then in time the foundation will erode completely. Once the foundation cracks become large enough they start to leak.

When your house’s foundation settles, insignificant symptoms such as a small crack may appear in your foundation walls, or wall may bow, but if neglected they can cause serious trouble to your house.

Other types of residential repairs include:

  • Repair work of concrete foundations
  • Property surveying
  • Concrete flat work
  • Removal of damaged concrete
  • Repairing broken curbs