Stone masonry, dressed or rough, where the blocks are dressed to flat surfaces is known as ashlars’ masonry, whereas masonry using irregularly shaped stones is known as rubble masonry. Both rubble and ashlars’ masonry can be laid in courses (rows of even height) through the careful selection or cutting of stones, but a great deal of stone masonry is un-coursed.

Blocks of cinder concrete (“cinder blocks” or “breezeblocks”), ordinary concrete (“concrete blocks”), or hollow tile are generically known as “building blocks.” Furthermore, cinder and tile blocks have much lower water absorption than brick masonry. They are often used as the structural core for veneered brick masonry, or are used alone for the walls of factories, garages, and other industrial buildings where appearance is not a significant factor. All these concrete block foundation repair works and much more is done by Tony’s Masonry.

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