brick on side of building being repaired

What Are The Types Of Professional Concrete Paving Contractors?

If you have ever paved your driveway, patio or walkway with concrete, you will know the aesthetic treat it brings to your eyes. Concrete is a beautifier and every concrete contractor who has worked with it won’t deny that. Though paving with concrete comes at a price, the investment will pay off over time both…


driveway stone wall unit installed by pavers

What Are The Varieties Of Cement Used In Construction?

When it’s cement, we can’t doubt the prowess it possesses. Cement is one of the most versatile and widely used building materials in the modern world. Look around yourself and you will find towering skyscrapers, residential buildings, condos and penthouses, standing firm for years in their own aesthetic beauty. Cement when mixed with aggregate, admixtures…


What is Sidewalk Violation and How to Re-Cover It?

If you own a sidewalk, either with access to public roads or inside a private property, there are certain guidelines that are required to be followed when either building or repairing a sidewalk. Failure to comply with these standards and guidelines means you can be slapped with a ‘sidewalk violation’ notice from Department of Transport…


bus stop freshly paved by pavers

What Mistakes Should A Contractor Avoid While Repairing A Sidewalk?

If you have ever stumbled while walking down the neighbourhood, blame it on the sidewalks. Concrete sidewalks are subjected to a lot of physical abrasion because of foot and vehicular traffic. As a result of this, the concrete slabs chip, crumble and undergo structural damage. These damaged sidewalks are not only an eyesore but also…


What Type Of Foundation Is Ideal For Your House?

If you are planning to build your dream house, you should know which concrete foundation type will hold your house in good stead and protect it from the vagaries of nature. Well, there are several types of concrete foundations, but among all, poured concrete foundation and concrete block foundation are the most popular and preferred…