How To Avoid Sidewalk Injuries?

Cracked and uneven sidewalks are an eyesore. If you come across sidewalks around your home that are cracked and crumbling down, then you should dial a sidewalk contractor to get those issues sorted out. Such damaged sidewalks invite danger to anyone who walks on them and can cause a Raleigh crosswalk accident. You can get…


What Type Of Foundation Is Ideal For Your House?

If you are planning to build your dream house, you should know which concrete foundation type will hold your house in good stead and protect it from the vagaries of nature. Well, there are several types of concrete foundations, but among all, poured concrete foundation and concrete block foundation are the most popular and preferred…


city commercial sidewalk installed

Why Mudjacking Is The Best Solution For Repairing A Sidewalk?

An uneven sidewalk can be a tripping hazard. You may have stumbled on uneven sidewalks while taking a stroll around a park or walking in the vicinity of your neighborhood. The lifespan of a concrete sidewalk depends on the weather conditions, soil structure and the care put into it. Over the years, most sidewalks become…


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What Mistakes Should A Contractor Avoid While Repairing A Sidewalk?

If you have ever stumbled while walking down the neighbourhood, blame it on the sidewalks. Concrete sidewalks are subjected to a lot of physical abrasion because of foot and vehicular traffic. As a result of this, the concrete slabs chip, crumble and undergo structural damage. These damaged sidewalks are not only an eyesore but also…


Popular Concrete Mixes Employed in the Construction Industry

Concrete serves as an important building material without which most cannot do without. One of the important component of concrete mix is the aggregate mix. An aggregate is a mixture of rough and fine stones and pebbles, which serve as the binding force in concrete mixes. Different types of aggregates yield different types of results,…


Some Commonly Used Concrete Slab Designs in New York

Introduction to Concrete Slabs Concrete slabs are a modern building innovation that is being used in most, if not all modern buildings in New York City. Commonly employed in horizontal slabs of steel reinforcement bars of 4 to 20 inches thick, they are used to construct floors, ceilings, and pavings. These slabs are often made…