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Received a sidewalk repair notice? Thinking about how to correct a sidewalk violation? No need to panic! The sidewalk repair experts well-versed in violation removal, especially, in the Bronx area are here to take your repairing needs with the most viable and innovative results.

Some of the common defects including, surface trip hazards, collapsed sidewalks, tree roots, improper slope, patchwork, or a hardware trip hazard, can lead to a DOT violation notice– which can result in heavy fines if left unaddressed. If you have received such a violation, you would need to perform the necessary repairs and for this, you can simply look for our Bronx team for sidewalk repairs and replacement.

Let’s say, the walkway at the front of your house has huge cracks the neighbors and passersby are complaining to get it repaired or replaced at the earliest. The pros at Tony Masonry provide quality services that’s guaranteed to address all the issues outlined by our DOT violation notice.

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About DOT Violations & Removal in the Bronx

Whether you are experienced in getting them solved or it is your first DOT sidewalk violation, it is always best to know about the situation as the job needs to be completed to industry standards. As DOT violation sidewalk repair experts in the Bronx, we have put together some bits of info that is definitely going to benefit you:

  1. It is not a fine just a notice to carry out repairs.

  2. Depending on the severity of damage the DOT does give you a certain amount of time to repair your sidewalk before a fine is issued.

  3. It is the responsibility of property owners to get the repairs taken care of and prevent further damages from developing.

  4. The notices are all about fixing the defects that could be an issue for public safety.

Typical Sidewalk Repairs for Violation Removal

Before the conduction of any work on your Bronx sidewalk, it is basic that you get the inspection done to find the underlying cause. A specialist will take everything in their hands so you can rest easy, that is they will deal with the inspection procedure effectively, provide you with a solution, and succeed with permits, saving your time likewise when dealing with sidewalk repairs or replacement in the Bronx.

Sidewalks go through a lot every day. Though minor cracks don’t seem much of an eyesore, if left untreated these defects can turn into both unsightly and unsafe for pedestrians as these pose serious tripping hazards.

At Tony Masonry, our mission is to provide durable work and quality workmanship in a timely manner for all your sidewalk and sidewalk-related needs. We perform a variety of concrete services for Bronx residential and commercial property owners, including:

  •  Sidewalk Violation Removal in Bronx
  •  Sidewalk replacement in Bronx
  •  Sidewalk repairs
  •  Driveway repairs
  • Concrete Installation

Our Bronx Experts Handle Sidewalk Repairs within Budget and Timeline

If you fail to address the issues and defects that may develop on your property, the DOT will get the work done from a private contractor and carry out expedited sidewalk repair. After the work is done, they will bill you the cost.

However, we recommend you not to ignore the violation notice and opt for this straightforward option. Sometimes, you might not be eligible for expedited repairs. When you find yourself in this predicament, just give our Bronx team a call to get the things handled.

For all the sidewalk repairs, you must select a contractor with:

  • Experience in handling sidewalk violations.

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured company that can handle the project to DOT standards and codes.

  • Specializing in replacing and repairing sidewalks.
  • Thorough understanding of DOT violation removal protocols.

Why Choose Us?

  • Done Once Done Right: Keeping a centered approach towards work and following comprehensive strategies, so work is done right the first time.

  • Optimal Work: Our strategies are made to smoothen work and make it durable irrespective of the level of damage.

  • Decades of experience based on honesty and excellence! We are known across Bronx for the durable work and quality workmanship, the same we have been carrying on with premium work for years.

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