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Concrete- the most favored material for driveways and sidewalks, they are best to opt for when it comes to durability and longevity. However, for it to perform the best it needs to be properly installed and executed by a qualified professional.

The professionals at Tony Masonry are the solution to any of your Brooklyn city concrete needs. Techniques like pouring play a very important role, that is the reason why you may find many people going for complete replacement. Our well-trained residential concrete contractors have the proper materials and tools to complete all of your concrete repairs, installation, and replacement work.

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For results beyond infinity, you can simply count on our professionals when it comes to concrete construction. Moreover, with our bespoke commercial and residential services in the domain of concrete sidewalks, walkways, and driveways, we strive to provide our clients with unmatched quality.

Our adherence to professionalism is evident from our way to deal with the issues, that is from our comprehensive inspection to attention to detail, we work with a vision to retain the durability of the project!

Licensed, Insured & DOT Approved

Residential Concrete Contractors

To know whether the company is legitimate or not, license and insurance are both crucial aspects. Our pros are backed with legitimate licenses and insurance which is just one part of the consideration. Skills also play a crucial role and we also understand that we need to keep changing and evolving with the preferences and technological change.

Thus, we have the best staff to fulfill your requirements. Other than that, to upgrade our contractors we carry out training sessions which help them being up-to-date with the market requirements. With their real-world experience in handling several different concrete projects, you can be rest assured to get quality from start to end!

Dedicated & Advanced Professionals At Your Service

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry and our staff employs experienced and advanced professionals who have the know-how and remain centered around their goal to offer clients the results beyond completion. The perfect blend of project managers and general contractors deliver quality projects, helping them reach their construction goals without any disruption.

We place importance on every little thing, some are as follows:

  •  Highly professional and efficient contractors
  •  Delivers project within the discussed timeframe
  •  Despite the complexities involved, we maintain quality and integrity
  •  Collaborative work
  •  Quality workmanship with experienced professionals
  •  Works at an affordable price
  •  Client satisfaction is the top priority

Precise & Detailed Concrete Work

‘Done Once Done Right’ is what we strive for! For that our first approach is an in-depth consultation about your requirements and possible repairs. Before we directly hop onto the project we serve you with a complete break sheet of work and the associated costs that you are likely to incur.

Our concrete services are not only limited to sidewalks, but we specialize in a broad range of commercial and residential projects which reflects the potential of our expertise. Whatever the requirement of your concrete project, we have the ability to create aesthetically pleasing and alluring ambiance while exemplifying the highest standard of work.

Give your next concrete project unparalleled architectural construction with top-notch craftsmanship. With Tony Masonry, you can associate with experienced concrete contractors who will quickly and promptly assess the situation!

Apart from Concrete Services, We Also Fix DOT Violation Issues!

The DOT or the Department of Transportation often hands out notices to the property owners relating to the sidewalk and concrete violations. The notice states that the property owners have got 45 days to get the repairs made to their concrete surfaces adjacent to their property. Fortunately, our team contractors have the know-how and knowledge when it comes to concrete repairs. We will take everything in our hands, so you can rest easy. That is, we take a look at the section that needs repair and then do exactly what needs to be done depending on the underlying condition to remove the DOT violation and ultimately save you from hefty fines.

We can take care of the following concrete conditions:

  1. Deep and large cracks

  2. Trip hazards

  3. Tree roots

  4. Improper slope

  5. Patchwork

Obviously, you can’t avoid the need for repair, but you can save yourself from fines if you get in touch with us as soon as you receive a DOT violation concerning the degrading condition of your sidewalk. With our concrete repair work, we will make sure your sidewalks and other areas with concrete are up to code, guaranteed.

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