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Is it time that you spruce up your outdoor living space? Or looking for professional concrete contractors in the Queens area for a higher-end commercial project? Committed to excellence, our concrete experts provide you with the exceptional craftsmanship and quality service that you have been looking for!

At Tony Masonry, we specialize in any and all residential and commercial concrete services. What’s more, we proudly serve the entire Queens and NYC area. When it comes to concrete work, we always strive to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We offer a wide variety of services and know well that no two projects are the same.

Tony Masonry is the #1 choice among people in Queens, NY, whether you require a big professional crew for a commercial project or an emergency concrete repair service.

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What We Offer

We can tackle everything from basic concrete repairs. our professionals have the experience to do it all. We do all kinds of new pours and we also provide all kinds of concrete pours as well as high-quality sidewalk repairs residents can depend upon.

When it comes to the material of choice, without a doubt concrete is one of the exceptional choices of materials due to its durability and longevity. As one of the best concrete contractors in Queens, NY, we offer you with skilled workmanship, techniques, and the best quality materials for best results.

Below are some of what our concrete expertise includes:

Concrete Driveways: If you are tired of tripping over uneven terrain and watching grass to grow through the old tracks, our professionals can design and install an even surface that will instantly add curb appeal.

Commercial Concrete Services: With extensive experience in durability and proper laying, we guarantee you the best leveling services, ultimately saving you money on maintenance in the long run.

Concrete Sidewalks: Whether you are going for repairs, installation, or replacement, you want to make sure you get it done right as wrong techniques can end up resulting in potential health hazards.

Concrete Crack Repair: The clean look of concrete offers property owners with significant aesthetic and property value boost. We repair small cracks with a concrete filler that fills them in patches and then leveling if required. While large cracks take time.

When To Use Professional Services From Concrete Contractors in Queens, NY

  1. Uneven Floors: Our ultimate experience in self-leveling comes in handy when our clients want to achieve a well-leveled driveway or sidewalk with no variations. With the right equipment and techniques, we reach the right height and provide you with a highly resistant surface to external forces.

  2. Exposed sidewalks: Your sidewalks or driveway have to go through a lot, from being exposed to external factors to natural aging. Concrete contractors provide you with viable solutions that guarantee longevity and a long life span.

Hardware trip hazard due to the rough surface: Your hardware must be concealed or relocated in order for it to be in perfect shape. The services of professionals come in handy when you need a smooth surface without any defects.

Why Choose Us For Your Next Concrete Project

  1. Top-Notch Craftsman for quality work: We understand the importance of details and intricacies here when it comes to leveling out the concrete for the perfect base. An experienced professional has the know-how and can quickly rectify any underlying issue and provide you with a viable solution.

  2. Best Results Guaranteed: No matter how basic or ambitious your project requirement is, we have the right experts who will ensure the best possible way to carry out your concrete project.

  3. Extensive Experience: Our primary goal is customer satisfaction, which only comes from what we do the best. We handle the projects in a different way, starting from inspection we check for details to prep the site for repairs. Using our tools and techniques, we offer the best in terms of craftsmanship. Fully licensed and insured- we are ready to handle your commercial or residential concrete repair or installation projects.

 When you choose us, we strive to provide you with outstanding, professional, and timely services. If you are in search of some good concrete contractors in Queens, we are happy to provide you with an estimate. Fill out the form for inquiries on different services.

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