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When your concrete sidewalks or driveway begin to fall into despair, or if the sidewalks outside of your property in Westchester are in bad condition, it can result in a serious hazard or you could have the Department of Transportation give you notice of sidewalk violations. And if left unattended you can also suffer from costly fines from the DOT.

To make sure your residential and commercial property is safe, it is your responsibility to get the repairs done in a timely manner by hiring concrete contractors in Westchester, who are experienced in handling the job. Whether the concrete has cracked, shifted, sunken, or tree roots have grown up, the pros at Tony Masonry can get them into the best condition possible.

We have got you covered with a solution to all your concrete problems, whether you need sidewalk repairs, installation, or violation removals.

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Our Concrete Contractors Can Handle All Your Residential Concrete & Cement Needs

Concrete repairs- many different factors can contribute to this and most often these situations can go out of control in no time. And if you have concrete work going on in your Winchester property it is inevitable that you are going to require a professional concrete contractor who is an expert in handling residential projects.

A few factors that undermine the condition of your concrete include water lodging, cracks, age, weather, traffic, loose areas, and wrong installation techniques. Though you can’t do anything to prevent the same but you can have a maintenance plan in place to ensure you get the best out of the services.

So to maintain the aesthetic appeal and value of your property as well as save yourself from the expensive DOT sidewalk violations, you need to ensure the concrete is free of cracks and other unsafe blemishes. Our Winchester team of concrete contractors comes in handy to keep your concrete always up to code with the following services:

  1. Installation

  2. Repairs

  3. Permits

  4. Maintenance

  5. Section Repairs
  6. Cleaning and Sealing

Get Concrete Repair Services for Your Winchester Property and Avoid Costly DOT Violation Fines

Precision, Professionalism & Attention to Details

If you are in the market for sidewalk or concrete repair services, you can still count on us to get the work done according to sidewalk violation protocols in NYC. Whether you need basic crack repairs or DOT violation repairs, you can rely on our crew of responsible, licensed, and insured contractors and rest easy knowing the job will be handled properly. Considering Winchester city is surrounded by concrete, eventually, for every property owner the need for repairs can come up anytime.

Through knowledge, training, and self-initiated training, we have decades of experience, our pros at Tony Masonry are constantly striving to provide better services and building concrete structures that last for years to come. We recommend you not to waste time on a contractor who may or may not know what they are doing. To ensure top quality work within codes at the job site, our professionals also undergo continual training.

Doing What We Do The Best: Concrete & Sidewalk Repair Contractors Serving Winchester, NY

  • Done Once, Done Right! For years we have been perfecting the art of repairs and installation, we take the responsibility and the issue is corrected at your expense.

  • Rest EASY, we have got you covered. For every residential and commercial project we take on, we make sure the work is done promptly while creating a safe workspace that does not create liabilities in the long run.

  • Quality Workmanship: Our professionals never try to cut corners or leave the job halfway. Before we start the work, our process starts with a thorough inspection and paying attention to underlying details.

Licensed and Insured professionals for 100% satisfaction. Combined knowledge and experience are what makes us stand out from the competition. We are dedicated to excellence and only wish one thing from our clients- 100% satisfaction while remaining true to our core values of quality workmanship and durable work.

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We make sure you receive the highest quality concrete services available in New York City and the surrounding areas. From your driveway, patio to sidewalks, the decision of choosing a concrete contractor is an important one. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our pros today, no matter how big or small your concrete requirement is. Fill out the form stating your requirements to get a free quote.

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