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The cracks aren’t pretty, sidewalks that have been lifted a few inches by underground tree roots or the broken and uneven walkways will need to be smoothed over and repaired for them to be functional, keeping the aesthetics aside.

No matter where you live in NY or what kind of property you have, there are likely concrete sidewalks and walkways somewhere on your property. With weather changes and heavy traffic, these slabs are prone to move and create problems like sidewalk violations for property owners in New Jersey. In cases like these, you will need site-specific repair solutions.

This is where highly experienced Sidewalk repair contractors at Tony Masonry, New Jersey, will guide you through the repair process to maintain the proper appearance of these structures.

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Concrete rarely settles, significantly if it does, for instance, high and low points on concrete, and a crack or joint in the slab can result in tripping of pedestrian crossing by. These are trip hazards and liability issues. When you do nothing upon the notice or receipt of the deficient sidewalk, the city will automatically take the matter into their hands and hire a private contractor to complete the work within the standards, and bill you.

However, when you get in touch with our specialist, we take this line of work seriously and are honored to keep your sidewalks functional. With our years of experience in handling sidewalk violations, we strive to offer the best in workmanship and best results for both residential and commercial properties.

From installation, replacement to repairs and general maintenance- we have got you covered!

Our Process

  1. Right Solution: We back you with viable solutions using the right techniques and advanced tools to keep your sidewalks safe.

  2. Quality Services: Durable work, second to none! For 30+ years we have earned an impeccable reputation with our clients based on honesty, excellence, and service in the industry.

  3. Thorough inspection: We will not waste your time and money on unnecessary work. Before we start the work, we encourage our clients to get estimates. No matter how big or small your issue is we start with inspection first to stop the problem at its source.

Our Concrete Contractors Tackle More than Just Sidewalk Repairs!

The key to safety and adhering to the city ordinances is quality work by knowledgeable professionals. From sidewalks on commercial properties, curbs to residential driveways, sometimes your sidewalk will be beyond just needing repairs. And when the damage is too much you can’t just settle for repairs, replacement is the only logical solution. What surprises many people is that the guidelines also mandate that property owners need to keep their sidewalks free of dust, debris, and snow.

Our reliable concrete contractors in New Jersey offers all of the following services to keep it safe:

  •  Sidewalk Violations Removal in New Jersey City
  •  Quality Installation or Replacement of Sidewalk
  •  Concrete Repair
  •  Driveway Replacement & Repair
  •  Curb Repairs
  •  4500 PSI Quality

 All phases of commercial and residential concrete work for you- Done Once, Done Right!

Restoring The Way

Have you been recently struggling with the deteriorated property? Do you simply want to update or maintain your sidewalk and driveway? Or have you been issued an NYC DOT sidewalk violation in Winchester city? Questions and queries like these will delay repairs. The sooner you take care of the sidewalk repairs, the less likely you are going to need replacement which will end up costing more money in the long run.

Worry no more, our reputable experts provide property owners with long-term maintenance. So when you are looking for reliable, trustworthy, licensed, and insured professionals in the industry, then Tony Masonry is the one to get in touch with!

We focus on navigating all the aspects of permitting and inspection process for you, and complete all concrete work for you within the available budget and timeline.

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