Masonry walls can be used as structural walls in buildings, and they can also be utilized to create barriers between property lines or different areas on a property. Properly maintained, masonry can last a very long time; the Great Wall of China is a particularly notable example of a masonry wall. 

Brick, stone, natural tile, blocks, adobe, and concrete wall systems can all be used in the construction of a masonry wall.

Masonry walls can have a wide variety of shapes, looks, and feels. Some are low and broad, while others are thin and tall, and they can include varying sizes of material for more visual interest, or uniformly shaped and sized material for a more regular look. When designing masonry walls, people need to think about how the wall will be used, the level of reinforcement which may be necessary, and the desired aesthetic look of the wall and surrounding environment.

There are a number of advantages to building with masonry. In areas with ample rock deposits or deposits of materials which can be used to make substances like glass and brick, masonry can be a cheap construction method. It also creates increased thermal mass, contributing to efficiency, and it can bear a great deal of weight when it is well designed. A masonry wall also confers fire protection, as it will take some time for a fire to break through such a wall.

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