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Professional Sidewalk violation Repair Services in Yonkers

If you own a piece of property in Yonkers for any length of time, the chances are that, at some point, you are going to experience structural issues that could easily result in an almost inevitable sidewalk violation notice from the DOT. In order to save yourself from the liability and costly fines that come along with it, you need to stay on top of your repair needs.

For this, it is important that you already have the name of a professional sidewalk repair specialist in mind who you can trust to get the repairs you need in a prompt and professional manner as well as help you have the violation stricken from your record.

For all your Yonkers sidewalk violation repair needs our pros at Tony Masonry have the long-standing dedication and experience to take care of all your services needs, no matter how simple or complex the repairs are.

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Lack of Sidewalk Maintenance?

The Sidewalk Repair Services in Yonkers, NY

You Can Depend On

When sidewalks are ignored for a long time they can begin to fail into despair, it can be a serious hazard. And if the sidewalks outside your residential and commercial property are in bad condition, the property owners are responsible when it comes to ensuring the sidewalks near or on their property are safe. Plus, accidents that are a result of a lack of routine repairs and maintenance can make your home or business owner liable, which can be costly.

If you need to repair a sidewalk that is sunken or uneven, or if the surface that supports the pavement is weakened it is going to become subject to cracking and sinking, working with the specialists at Tony Masonry is a convenient and affordable solution to all your repairing needs in Yonkers. Keeping you free from litigation, our professional sidewalk and concrete repair services will save you money in the long run.

Other issues that can cause damage to a concrete sidewalk are erosion, water logging, and tree roots. Regardless of what the underlying condition or specific culprit that has destroyed your sidewalks, you can expect the best repair services from us! You will be left with a sidewalk that is rid of cracks and tactics that will instantly boost property curb appeal.

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Our Sidewalk Contractors Offer more than just Repairs!

It is common for a sidewalk and concrete surfaces in general to need a little care. Numerous factors can contribute to the wear and tear which will eventually make your sidewalks suffer over time, including weather conditions, heavy traffic, uneven sidewalks, shifting surface, and much more. With these factors or anything more causing it to deteriorate, our team will be there to get your sidewalks back in shape.

We can address these issues and more:

  •  Cracks
  •  Uneven slabs
  •  Breakage
  •  Crumbling edges
  •  Loose areas

If you want to maintain a strong appeal and ensure a safe environment for your customers, getting an attractive sidewalk for your Yonkers property is a must. If your prior sidewalks are not installed well with best practices in place, within no time you could end up with unexpected wear which can be harmful to passersby and eventually result in violations and potential fines if not repaired on time.

To avoid any of the issues with your concrete, be it on the sidewalks or driveway, you as a property owner need to make certain that the work is done by certified professionals with thorough understanding of violation removal protocols, like our team at Tony Masonry.

To keep your property looking and functioning at its best, we offer a number of highly specialized services. Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Yonkers Sidewalk Violation Repairs

  • Emergency Sidewalk Repairs

  • Sidewalk Installation and Replacement

  • Concrete cleaning and sealing

  • And Much More…

Our extensive list means that you don’t have to look elsewhere to improve your property. And our decades of experience means that you are guaranteed to get the best possible results no matter the service you opt for!

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