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For the last three decades, the professionals at Tony Masonry have provided the highest quality concrete construction and restoration services for commercial projects across the state. Our experienced team of commercial concrete contractors are known in the area for competitive pricing, timely project completion, durable work, consistent performance, as well as a commitment to providing our customers with the best.

Moreover, building upon our 30+ years of successful work, we continually implement new techniques and construction methods within the codes while keeping abreast of any revisions. We thrive to ensure that every project is built to withstand the test of time.

Tony’s Masonry provides a complete package of commercial concrete or masonry services in the NYC area. Our employees are committed to providing the most honest and loyal services to develop a long-lasting relationship with our clients. We will collaborate with you from the beginning of your project to the end to ensure quality services while keeping costs to a bare minimum.

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More than merely installing the floor: What we do

Masonry offers many benefits to a commercial building, including a stable structure and a professional-looking visual appeal. When it comes to commercial concrete construction, we have the right resources and the expertise to successfully complete even the largest and most challenging projects on time and on budget with one of the most experienced and knowledgeable contractors.

Our team of commercial concrete contractors know the way around a number of issues, that is from meeting tight deadlines to figuring out how the concrete floor will integrate with other elements of the building apart from the walls. Besides that, they also have the know-how to mitigate the underlying risks which can otherwise cause the concrete on your property to deteriorate fast and thereby protect the reputation of the establishment in that process.

Not only do we want to build a stable commercial building for our clients, but we also work to design an office space that you will love and admire. Rather than working with various contractors to achieve one goal, we equip you with the whole package from start to finish. We provide you with an architect, project manager, engineer, and contractor to work on a plan and start with the commercial concrete construction you want.

We have invested in the right training and equipment!

By teaming up with the architects, general contractor, and project manager, we are able to find creative, cost-effective solutions to even the most challenging of projects. Also, when the client’s budget and schedule are tight, our professionals by using the right techniques are able to make the same impact without affecting the design and aesthetic intent.

What worked yesterday is not necessarily viable going forward if the situation changes. That’s why we only work with individuals who have been trained in the field of concrete construction. From masonry construction, repairs, and other diverse applications of masonry, commercial concrete contractors contractors play a specific role in providing builders with things.

For instance, they know how to construct, repair, and restore structures made from:

  1. Brick

  2. Block

  3. Concrete

  4. Stone

Though our concrete specialists are particularly skilled and experienced in this area, but to be capable of handling and doing so much it requires continuous training, knowledge of equipment, and varying techniques.

You get the best results: Our Concrete Contractors Deliver Impact in Commercial Industry

While your focus might be on a specific work of masonry and all it entails, that’s not where the limits of our professionals end. In particular, our masonry contractors offer you with the benefits like:

  1. Apart from the actual process of masonry, professionals have an in-depth understanding of everything related.

  2. Solid grasp of various aspects pertaining to the projects.

  3. Work according to the laws and regulations involved in the projects which involves all the permits and licenses required.

So, Are you ready to revive your commercial building?

With free consultation and estimates, we help you enrich your commercial building through masonry implementation, repair, and concrete restoration services.

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Our Services include:  

• All phases of concrete
• Sidewalks
• Sidewalk Vaults
• Curbs
• Block
• Brick
• Asphalt
• Parking Lots
and more