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Degraded underground sidewalk vaults are usually out of sight and out of mind! A sidewalk might not be as simple as it appears, many of the buildings are constructed with small spaces that extend beneath the sidewalk. Many pedestrians don’t think that the common sidewalks they walk on might be hollow. These spaces can come in handy to have for storage, can be utilized for both steps going down to the basement.

The space under the sidewalk, known as ‘vault’ retains the soil beneath the street, that is it ends with a concrete or masonry wall which keeps it intact. And frequently, the sidewalk over the vault is exposed to heavy traffic, by doing its work of preventing vehicles and pedestrians from falling, and it ultimately becomes deteriorated and unsafe to use. This is a growing safety concern among people.

While completely replacing a sidewalk vault is expensive, it is usually only a once-in-a-lifetime project that you would want to take over. But if the time has come during your board’s lifetime, there’s not much getting around. However, completely replacing a sidewalk can be expensive. Since sidewalk vaults are a common feature of many commercial and residential buildings in NYC, proper maintenance and repair are imperative to ensure the safety of the general public as well as avoiding water infiltration into the vault.

Sidewalk Vault Repair for Public Safety

Under Chapter 3 of the New York City Administrative Code, the responsibility to maintain the sidewalk vaults and the sidewalk slabs and keep them in a safe condition falls on the owner of the building. With the help of qualified design professionals, routine assessment and inspection on a scheduled basis are highly recommended. And it is the duty of the building owner to identify and address the issues early on, minimizing the cost of repairs.

In recent times, with the decline in usefulness, the sidewalk vaults have been neglected to the point that their structural integrity is in question. The pros on duty will do the needful with a thorough inspection, they will typically identify the obvious causes of deterioration that have led to water infiltration, corrosion of the steel beams, as well as weathering and aging of the structural elements. For instance, much of the damage observed in sidewalk vaults is because of water infiltration as most of the sidewalks back then were not waterproofed or protected from water infiltration.

To avoid failure of structure and collapse of the vault, we at Tony Masonry provide the following services:

  1. Sidewalk vault repair NYC: It is important to promptly address any underlying conditions that are observed in order to prevent further deterioration.

  2. Maintaining Sidewalk vaults: For this, you first need to start with condition assessment, which will normally include performing a survey and reviewing the walls and support structures. The existing condition will help them with the process of maintenance.

  3. Building a sidewalk vault structure: As with any component of the building, water is the enemy, be it sidewalks or patios. Once water finds its way to the vaults there is no going back. Depending on the results, we at Tony Masonry explain to you the scope of work that fits your needs perfectly!

Vaulted Sidewalk Repairs with The Help of Dedicated & Experienced Professionals

Let Us Fix Your Sidewalk Vaults

Provided an initial investment, we get to comprehensive consultation first. With our perfect blend of project managers and general contractors, we strive to deliver quality projects, helping the property owners reach their construction goals without any disruption.

With over 3 decades of experience in the industry, our staff employs experienced and advanced professionals who have the know-how on certain concrete and masonry work and remain centered around their goal to offer clients with the results they want.

Our approach is to place importance on every little thing, some are as follows:

  • You can simply get your work done with highly professional and efficient contractors.

  • If you have limited bandwidth, we deliver your project within the discussed timeframe.

  • Despite the hindrances and complexities, we maintain quality and integrity.

  • You can expect quality workmanship by working with experienced professionals.

  • Keeping you easy, all the concrete work is done up to all the certain codes and permits.

Building owners and managers should undertake an investigation, to address the problem of deterioration and health risks at sidewalk vaults. This investigation will include a detailed nature and extent of the problem, so that appropriate solutions can be implemented by the experts.

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