Professional Curbing and Concrete Sidewalk Services

Keeping your concrete curbs and sidewalks in perfect condition is a must for facility owners or managers. What you should be well aware of is that Tony Masonry is the company in NYC you can rely on for all sidewalk curb repair needs.

Whether you are a private property owner preparing to construct or repair curbs, and sidewalks, or hire a company in NYC to perform the work, we provide you with the best in basic, quality work while confirming to City Standards. There is more to concrete sidewalks than just pouring new concrete, that’s why you need professionals from a reliable company who take the necessary steps to ensure that the repaired curb is smooth, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting.

An expertly installed curb has more benefits than simply separating the roadway from the sidewalk. Only when professionally repaired in NYC, a sidewalk curb can:

  • Provide structural support to the existing pavement

  • Provide aesthetic accents to the existing pavement

  • Flush away water and debris to the drains


 Our technicians and experienced sidewalk curb repair specialists have been repairing sidewalk curbs for many years, no matter how big or small your requirement is we know the unique form and curb requirements for NYC projects. So you can get more than just attractive and durable curb repair services!

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