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When concrete in your sidewalks and driveway begins to fall into despair, many property owners concrete installation contractors in New York City as it’s easy to see why concrete is such a versatile and affordable material.

Of all the industrial and commercial concrete tasks, handling repairs might be the most complicated one. It requires experience and expertise to understand the most suitable materials to use to the right techniques. This work also demands extensive and diagnostic knowledge to determine the root cause of the problem and recommend appropriate remedial strategies.

Luckily, Tony Masonry has been in the business for quite some time now, we have acquired relevant experience and skills that enable us to undertake such tasks with much ease. For years today, we have concrete contractors in NYC who have provided quality work for a variety of concrete installation, repairs, and maintenance.

We have reliable hands-on expertise that guarantees you the best services bound to leave your concrete surface looking better, and with a longer lifespan. When it comes to hiring ‘small job concrete contractors near NY’, ‘local concrete contractors’, or ‘stamped concrete contractors’, for repairs and installation services in NYC, look to the dependable team of Tony Masonry.

Ethical Practices Makes It Easy For Us

All phases of residential concrete sidewalk repair and cement work from skilled concrete masons for your home in NYC, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Staten Island!

We are the top local choice among the residents and business owners who are looking for Concrete Repair Contractors in NYC for sidewalk or driveway repairs. Over the past 30+ years, we are known to offer the best in workmanship and results for both residential and commercial clients. We take our line of work seriously and are honored to be a part of helping to keep the streets of NYC functional.

Apart from installation and full replacement work on the sidewalks, we also offer DOT sidewalk violation removal services. Plus, we only use quality material so that you can feel confident at the end as the result will withstand the tests of time, for the years to come.

No matter what type of improving your home or business needs, if it’s going to be done in concrete, we help you equip you with the right professionals. Our team has the best residential concrete contractors. We are ready, willing and able to plan, expedite and complete your concrete work faster than any other company would and at very competitive rates.

So come to us today and get proficient and pocket-friendly services to remove concrete cracks outside your home or office.

Our team of qualified concrete masons and DOT-certified NY concrete sidewalk repair contractors can benefit you whenever you require it. When in need you can simply call our commercial concrete contractors for free consultation or estimate! So, make a call, hire an experienced concrete contractor and they will start your project. At Tony Masonry, we are experts in a number of repairs related to concrete.


The best way to avoid any of the concrete problems is by scheduling timely repairs as soon as you notice any of these issues:

  1. Collapsed concrete

  2. Exposed hardware due to surface issues

  3. Trip hazards

  4. Tree roots

  5. Improper slopes

  6. Patchwork and gaps

You can contact us at the earliest convenience when you see any of the signs so that we can get your concrete fixed before it results in any issue for you or your property in general. As the premier concrete contractor in NYC, we are ready to accept the challenge of over performing, for years to come.

There is no reason for you to settle for less!

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High-End Solutions At Your Rescue

From thorough inspection, getting to the root cause, and DOT violation removal, we are familiar with all the aspects. The concrete specialists at Tony Masonry can resolve your issues promptly and professionally. With our extensive experience and understanding of all matters concrete, you can have peace of mind. Here’s what we do ‘The Best’:

  1. After a thorough inspection, we provide you with a consolidated report of the site of work.

  2. Whether you are interested in repairing, installing, or replacing interior structures on your property, we are highly experienced in all types of concrete solutions and beyond.

We look forward to working with you and addressing all your issues. When it comes to any kind of concrete work, whether you want to hire stamped or local concrete contractors for residential or commercial work, we abide by the law and follow all the rules and regulations.

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