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Stay on the top of your sidewalk repair needs before your Staten Island property in NY gets served with DOT violation!

According to New York City Law, property owners are required to maintain the sidewalks outside their property. The law states that not only all property owners are responsible for the cost of repairs to the sidewalks adjacent to their properties, but also they are liable for any personal injuries that are caused by damaged or sidewalks that are in despair.

All this may sound like quite a bit of work to handle, but it is truly not if you hire a dependable specialist to solve all your concrete problems in Staten Island. Tony Masonry is the top choice for 30+ years among residents and business owners when it comes to sidewalk crack repair, DOT violation removal, Driveway repairs, or any kind of concrete services our skilled experts have the know-how and come equipped with the right tools for all your sidewalk repairing, installation, and maintenance needs.

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About Sidewalk Violations in Staten Island

The DOT or Department of Transportation inspects sidewalks on a regular basis to ensure that the surrounding area is safe and free from any defects, they typically inspect certain areas if there are injury reports or liability issues. You might receive a sidewalk violation notice by the DOT stating that you need to carry out sidewalk repairs within the set rules and regulations.

When faced with a violation, property owners are given 45 days to perform the repair, if the repairs are not made or the sidewalk is not mended, the DOT may perform the work or hire a private contractor, then bill you.

Our team of sidewalk contractors is committed to provide you with the best of concrete services, to make sure the city is safe and sound. Our professionals can take care of any defects or repairs that you need!

Our Sidewalk Contractors in Staten Island are there for you When You Need Professional Services!

Sidewalk defects can blindside you since they can occur due to many underlying factors. Whether the problem is being caused by tree roots or their is a deep-down structural issue, you need not to worry about it. We will help it to get back in its original shape and designate a good as a new walkway for pedestrians.

For sidewalk repair services in Staten Island, it is important to pick a contractor with knowledge about DOT repair specifications and necessary permits. With our fully licensed and insured experts, quality customer service, and thorough understanding of sidewalk regulations, is what make us the leaders in the industry we serve.

Our Process:

  1. Inspection: If your sidewalks or driveway aren’t in the most pristine condition, they could promote a dangerous environment for passersby and you will be prone to liabilities. We first help inspect the common related issues with the sidewalk.

  2. Providing you with exceptionally skilled masons: Whether it is your simple crack repair or complex construction projects our masons are well-versed to handle it with an innovative and problem-solving approach.

  3. Durable and safe repairs: We specialize in all sorts of concrete-related services, from repairs, replacement to DOT violation notices, all of which are completed focusing on quality services, budget, and timeline in mind- so you can rest easy!

We can be that reliable contractor you can look upon when you need emergency sidewalk repairs in Staten Island NY! What’s more, we use 4500 PSI so that you can feel confident that the end result will withstand the tests of time, for years to come.

Sidewalk Repair from The Best in Staten Island

Though concrete is one of the most durable materials for sidewalks and driveways with weather change and heavy traffic you might see early signs of cracks and breakage. Sometimes a few months into the replacement due to unprofessional installation. In such a case, you are bound to doubt the quality of service.

At Tony Masonry, we take complete charge of the situation. Before hopping on the repairs, there are many things that we take into consideration, such as:

  • quality of the material

  • correcting underlying issues

  • structural base to which the concrete has to be laid

accurate installation techniques with right proportion

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