residential sidewalk with brick wall lining

Here’s Why Cement Is Most Favored As A Building Material

What is the first material which comes to our mind when we plan on building our dream house? Cement!! Cement is the most widely used building material and the most favored one when it comes to construction. The versatile and durable material that cement is makes it the most sustainable choice for both residential and…


What Type Of Foundation Is Ideal For Your House?

If you are planning to build your dream house, you should know which concrete foundation type will hold your house in good stead and protect it from the vagaries of nature. Well, there are several types of concrete foundations, but among all, poured concrete foundation and concrete block foundation are the most popular and preferred…


How Is A Concrete Slab Reinforced?

Concrete slabs are widely used by concrete slab contractors in the construction of ceilings, floors, driveways and patios. The strength and durability of any structure depends on whether the concrete slab was built properly at the start. That is why slab contractors conduct stringent tests on the concrete slabs to judge their integrity. It is…